About Us

The equestrians at Fletch™ use their long and varied history of working with horses to bring you products that will make your experience easier.

Beyond our desire to re-think what you wear when you ride your horse, we endeavor to keep pushing the envelope. We believe that the components of your riding equipment should be like the vanes of an arrow, each one helping you fly a straighter course.

The Doli Belt™ comes out of the minds of people who realize that happy horses make happy horse people and vice versa.

We are committed to always doing the right thing, despite what is easiest.  That's why we use sustainable packaging and make products that solve problems without creating collateral damage.

Where Our Heart Is

We donate a portion of the proceeds from each Doli Belt sold to the Retired Racehorse Project, a group dedicated to helping off the track thoroughbreds find second careers as performance horses or lawn ornaments. More information about the Retired Racehorse Project can be found here.


Our Founder

The love affair with horses began at the age of six for Mack, after a lackluster performance in soccer left her parents seeking other options to channel their child's energy.
To the occasional chagrin of her loved ones, she embarked on a lifelong mission to devote an illogical amount of time and resources to her 4 legged friends of all kinds and regrets nothing.  It began with a lease pony named Sugar, and then an OTTB she named Xena, followed by a Fell Pony called Harmony, a German showjumping wonderpony known as Mentos Junior, her Dutch Warmblood heart-horse (insert Black Stallion movie fantasy) Odysseus and a war horse timber racing/foxhunting TB named Sumo Power.  After spending well over a decade showing hunter/jumpers and trail riding on the West Coast, Mack relocated to the east coast try on different riding hats.  She loves giving her horses the green grass pasture life and being able to immerse herself in the thick horse culture of the countryside.  In addition to more sporting pursuits, she enjoys long, winding bareback rides in the wilderness, getting lost and has a 100% success rate in finding her way home again with the help of her best friends and their combined senses.  She likes working with green horses especially and nothing delights her more than being able to witness and aid a horse in discovering their unique talents.